IPv6 and Training

The integration of IPv6 must be preceded by training. It’s impossible to execute or even plan an IPv6 transition plan without thoroughly understanding IPv6. Since the initial integration of IPv6 within core infrastructure will provide the building blocks for all other integrations and transitions throughout the entire network, the value of proper IPv6 implementation by trained personnel should not be underestimated. The training phase of an IPv6 integration plan should provide a detailed overview that relevant staff members can master to understand the basics of IPv6 and how it interacts with IPv4 in both dual-stack and tunnel environments. Training should occur well in advance of all other integration phases and, at a minimum, it should address the design, implementation, configuration, and maintenance of IPv6 networks.

Key points:

1. Integration of IPv6 must be preceded by training.
2. Training is key to developing IPv6 operational capability.
3. At a minimum training should address design, implementation, configuration, and maintenance.
4. Train for all aspects of IT.

Basic IPv6 Training – Everyone & Operations
IPv6 Advanced Networking
IPv6 for Enterprise Architects
IPv6 for System Administrators
Application Developer Sessions on IPv6 Coding